Mr. Rogers Tech Class

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Welcome to Ogden Middle School's Technology Class.  The purpose of Technology Exploration and Computer Graphics/Animation is to explore the reality of the world we currently live in and will soon come to live in.  As we rumble through the early years of the 21st Century it has become very clear that keeping on the cutting edge of technology applications is an important part of staying competitive in the modern economy.  My goal is to broaden students skills in multiple technologies in order to give them a head start for real world applications.  

Class Expectations:

Use Technology as directed: Please do not play games or visit sites that you have not been asked to go to.  

Hallway Passes: If instruction is done for the day you may fill out my whiteboard hallway pass and bring it to me for approval.  

Technology Abuse: Altering or changing settings to the school computer is a violation of your privilege to use the machine.  Do not change backgrounds, icons or any other function without approval from me.  Failure to follow this expectation will lead to a suspension of use of the technology.  

Appropriateness:  There will be many creative and artistic opportunities throughout our time together but any and all projects need to be school appropriate.  Refrain from any imagery or video work that contains unsafe material. 

Digital Ownership: Copying and Pasting work and calling it your own is not allowed.  However, as an example,  taking images from the internet as a resource for a photoshop assignment is essential.  We must strive to find balance in using others material and calling it our own.