Mr. Rogers Tech Class

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Digital Citizenship: CYBERBULLYING 


The act of sending, posting, or displaying mean things towards someone else.  If the intention is clearly to hurt someone else's feelings than it can likely be called Cyberbullying.  New forms of bullying have evolved with technology. Bullying is increasingly taking place with the help of cell phone cameras, messaging, social media accounts and misrepresentation through the creation of fake accounts.  

Cyberbullying Websites

Fantastic site for basic overview.

Great site for statistics and research on cyberbulling.

A superb resource if you find yourself being bullied on the ever growing video hosting site via comments or malicious video postings.

Cyberbullying Media

"Submit: The Documentary" is a way for victims of Cyberbullying to share their story and be apart of a documentary to help end the pain and suffering associated with digital bullying.  

Cyberbullying Articles for Parents + Students