Mr. Rogers Tech Class

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Log in to your student Google Account. 


1. Go to the Oregon City School District website  and click on the "Student" Tab.  

2. Select Student E-mail and enter your User Name.  Your User Name = first.M.Last  example. John.D.Doe up to 20 characters.  If your name is very long I can help you figure it out.  

3.  Password = student body #.  This can be found on your student ID but it is the one you'll always have and what you use to punch in for your lunch.   

4.  Click on the compose icon and send an e-mail to my address ([email protected]) with the following information:  

Please type 1-2 paragraphs about yourself.  Topics can include but are not limited to the following:

Hobbies / Interests 



Favorites (Subjects / Foods / Places / Music)

Things you dislike

Summer Vacation Highlights

In order to get started on the e-mail click on the compose button.  

When you enter my e-mail address look for the T-rex symbol in order to verify that you're sending it to me and not some imposter!!!


Formatting a Digital Assignment: 

Assignment #3:  Using Google Docs, create a technology write up about a current event in the technological world.  Please use the "Tech Websites" tab at the top of this page to find a link to several websites.  Pick an appropriate topic and following the standard MLA format, write an article review about the topic.  This can look very different for different people so here are some ideas.  

Persuasive: I think this technology is good or bad and your paper is written to convince me you're right.

Informative: Your paper is designed to give me a few of the highlights and main message from the article (like a book report).  

Requirements:  Using the above video as a sample for your work.  

1 Page in Length

12 pt. Times New Roman

Proper Heading with Name, Date, Class and Title.  (You can Skip Page Numbers)  

Proper Alignment: Name/Date etc on Left, Title Centered, Main Body intended

Send your finished and proof read paper to ([email protected])  

If you have extra time please try to recreate this awesome image from Super Mario World on Google Drawing.  (Not an easy thing to do…) 

All About Me:  This will be a multiple day project. For this project you will create a presentation using "Google Slides"


#1. Please create a Title Slide with your name and a slide for 15 of the following topics: (NOTE) that doesn't mean 15 slides.  

#2. Each Slide needs a minimum of 1 Picture or PNG File.  

#3.  The slides must be neat and attractive with easy to read fonts. 

Good Example:  This is my good example.

Bad Example:  This is my BAD EXAMPLE.  

1.     Here are some ideas of things to include in your presentation. You may use items from this list and/or use items of your own. You are not limited to the list below.

·       About you: your name, age, birthday, place you were born, etc.

·       About your family: mom, dad, brothers and sisters.

·       About your job (if you have one)

·       Pets you have

·       Your hobbies

·       School subjects and activities

·       Your personality

·       Your role models

·       Your plans after high school

·       Your favorite foods

·       Your favorite things to do when not at


·       Your best friends

·       Your favorite music groups or singers

·       Your favorite songs

·       Your favorite movies

·       Your favorite actors

·       Your favorite actresses

Your favorite places to eat
Favorite places or cities you’ve visited Favorite sports
Favorite colors
Things I like about school: favorite

subjects, etc.
Things I don’t like about school. 

Things you do for fun
Favorite quotes

-Interesting Story about an event 

-Life Goals 

-Career Goals

-Education Goals

Click on the Link below for an awesome step by step tutorial for getting started with Google Presentation.  


Digital Footprint:  On the internet, a digital footprint ithe word used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints"that people leave online.  

Google Classroom Questionnaire:  

Using Mr. Rogers Google Classroom page, complete the Technology Questionnaire to the best of your ability and submit it.  

Business Logo: Use Google Drawing to create a business logo.  

Step 1:  Research 5 business logo PNG files from the internet.  Save all of them to a New Google Document titled "LOGO RESEARCH"

Step 2:  Come up with a fake business.  Examples (Video Game Company, Bakery, Shoe Manufacturer, Skate Board Company, Restaurant, etc.) 

Step 3:  Begin designing your logo on Google Drawing.  No Requirements BUT BE ADVENTUROUS.  Come up with 3 different Versions

Step 4:  Create a business proposal on Google Doc's presenting your 3 versions.  

EXTENSION:  I could always use a new idea for a Rogue 6 Productions Logo.  Please create one and share it with me. 

Digital Citizenship #2:  Social Media Pro's & Con's Paper

There are many different positive and negative attributes to Social Media.  Many people around the world use it daily and therefore, as a relatively new technology, should be given some considerable thought.  I'd like you to examine the following website as research in order to help you choose a side for an argumentative essay.

Essay Question:  In a MINIMUM of five (5) paragraphs, argue whether or not Social Media is worth having in our modern society using three (3) examples from as examples or reasons you believe in your case.  

Your essay must have the following requirements in order to be considered finished.  

-Typed on a Google Document   

-12 point font Times New Roman

-Double Spaced

-Minimum of 5 Paragraphs

-Properly Formatted

                    -Introduction: Topic Sentence introducing 3 main points of argument.

                      -Main Body: 1st argument

                        -Main Body: 2nd argument

                           -Main Body: 3rd argument

                    -Conclusion: Wrap up argument giving final thoughts and point of view.

Extension:  Use three additional websites to research your main body arguments.  Generate one (1) quote from each website to be used with each main body paragraph and cite the websites at the end of your paper.  

Comic Life: Digital Story Telling

Using Comic Life, create an engaging comic book story, THAT IS SCHOOL APPROPRIATE,  between 10-15 pages long.  I suggest picking a theme from  a movie / video game / book series / cartoon / or a comic that is already in print so that you can find material on google to use.  You may also create you're own in Google drawing or any other digital art application that you are familiar with.  PLEASE follow the steps below for a complete assignment.  

Step 1:  Using a piece of blank printer paper, fill out a story arc outline like the example below.  It should look like this without all the definitions of words on it!!! Turn this in to Mr. Rogers at the end of the project.  

Step 2: Using Google Image searches or your own photography, create 10-15 dynamic comic pages that carry the same theme.  Each page should look similar, i.e. the backgrounds and text should all be the same size and colors unless it's really necessary for a part of the story.  I suggest using PNG files in combination with Background pictures.  

Step: 3 Check back in with your story arc.  Have you covered the whole story from start to finish?  Is there an obvious theme or message throughout your story?  This is a two week project.  You should be finishing 1-3 panels a day if you are designing well and creating a masterful story.  

Step 4:  Begin sharing.  Find another student who is close to finished or done with the assignment and either send them a copy of your comic life through Google Drive or physically ask them to come over and take a look.  They need to read it with a critical eye.  If it doesn't make sense to the reader then you probably have some more work to do.


If you are really feeling it on Comic Life and the assignment is going smoothly for you, please cut your story off around 10-15 pages with a "TO BE CONTINUED" and create a 2-3 page preview for the next issue of your comic.  This should be a separate storyline with the same characters unless your villain is no longer with us!!!

Google Floorplanner:  Create detailed floor plans for home improvement or design.  

Step 1:  Click here to watch the tutorials for Google Floorplanner.

Step 2:  Using pencil and paper, sketch a rough draft of your home's layout from the "Top Down" Perspective.  The above image is an example of this style.  You don't have to draw every object in your home. Just the layout of rooms and walls, etc.  This will help you when you go to make a digital copy.  

Step 3:  Add details like furniture, windows, doors to your paper copy while you are home for increased accuracy.  This is considered homework people!!!

Step 4:  Create a digital floor plan for your home.  Try to include as many details, objects, design elements as you possibly can.  

EXTENSION ACTIVITY:  After you have created your current home, please create a dream home.  Imagine you've won the lottery and there is no limit on what you can design or add to your home.  This is only if you finish and have extra time. 

Floor Planner Write Up:  

Answer the following questions on a google document and share them to [email protected]

1.  What was the biggest challenge you faced while creating your home/dream home? 

2.  Describe the best feature or tool you used with the floor planner program.

3.  If you were talking to a homeowner or someone interested with interior design, how would you describe the benefits of Google "Floor Planner"? 

4.  Would you personally use this program if you were constructing your own home?  Why or why not?       

Digital Citizenship #2: Cyber-bullying Group Poster 

You and 1-2 other students will be assigned a Cyber Bullying Topic and asked to create a poster on Google Drawing, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.


-Explain your topic visually

-Clear, understandable text or title that helps other students understand Cyber Bullying Issues

-Colorful and Well Designed 

Discussed below are some of the most common Cyberbullying Examples:

  • Cyber stalking – cyber stalking can be described as the sending of messages to frighten or threaten someone. The person receiving these messages begins to worry about their safety and general well being.
  • Degradation/humiliation – bullies will use cyber bullying to spread rumours and hearsay with the purpose of damaging the victim’s reputation to ensure that they are shunned.
  • Harassing – harassing is the sending of insulting, threatening and harassing messages via the internet or cell phones. These messages are however sent persistently and tirelessly.
  • Impersonating – impersonation is the act of taking on an identity that is false for the purpose of tormenting a person and damaging their reputation. Impersonation can also be acted out by pretending to be the victim also by creating a false identity or profile.
  • Flaming – this is a very hostile and rude form of abuse where the bully uses vulgar and abusive language with the intention of starting a fight with the victim.
  • Text messaging – most bullies will use text messaging to torment another teenager or pre-teen. They do this by enlisting the help of other bullies and together they keep sending endless text messages to their victim’s phone. The purpose of all this is to run up the victim’s phone bill which will eventually get them into serious trouble.
  • Password theft – some bullies will do everything possible to gain the passwords of a teenager illegally. After gaining these passwords, the bully enters the victim’s sites and locks them out. In some cases, the bully will use these sites to bully others.
  • Web site creating – bullies will create websites and pages and load them with images, statements and insulting remarks for the sole purpose of tormenting and humiliating a person.
  • Use of Photos and images – bullies will post embarrassing photos of their victims all over the internet to torment and humiliate them. In most cases, these photos and images are fake and just altered to portray the victim. We all have  heard of stories where teenagers have been tricked into sending their naked photos to a stranger they met online only for the stranger to post them all over the internet just to humiliate and torture the victim emotionally.
  • PC attacks – this is the sending of Trojan horses, viruses, worms, spyware and so on to another person’s computer. With our youth becoming more knowledgeable on computer technology, pc attacks have become extremely easy to employ.
  • Proxy attacks – bullies who prefer this kind of bullying usually enlist the help of their fellow bullies and friends to humiliate and cause emotional damage to others. Proxy attacks are where the bully with the help of someone else will install a proxy into the computer of the victim. By doing this, the bully will be able to access even the most confidential information of the victim through the proxy which will transmit it to him or her. The bully will then use this information to humiliate or threaten the victim.

The ABC Family Movie "Cyber Bullying" located below is rated TV-14.  Please check with your Parents/Guardians before viewing.  

Create your own website: 

For this exercise, you will be creating your own website.

This is a scary notion for many adults who are business owners and are not tech savvy.  

There will dozens of creation platforms out there on the internet but for the purpose of our project you are restricted to using Google Sites which is linked to your Google Apps account.  

  Google Sites                            






STEP 1:  Explore Google Site Tutorials first.  Begin thinking about the purposes of websites and what you might be interested in creating.  Check out the list below for more ideas.


1.  Create a page by picking a template and theme.  This 

can be totally up to you but don't spend more then 5 

minutes coming up with a topic because this is just for 


2.  Begin adding pages to your website to practice

different layouts and "widgets" you can add to a page. 

"Widgets" are digital tools or gadgets you can add to

websites to make them pop such as this slideshow: 

STEP 2: Pick a topic for your master website creation from 

the following topics list.  You can, of course, come up with 

your own idea but I'd like to hear about it before you get 

to far with it.  

-Tour of Oregon City Restaurants

-Fan site for favorite Movie / Video Game / Book, etc. 

-Blog Site: Blog's are like an online journal dedicated to a 

particular subject.  

-Fashion Website

-Charity Website

-Family Business 

-School Club or Team page

-Your Logo Companies website from our design project

-Review Site: review movies/games/music/technology

-Art Website dedicated to your artwork

-Homework Help

-How To, Tutorial Page

-Meme: Site dedicated to your favorite memes.  

-Fan Fiction: Write your own fan fiction and post it.  

GOAL:  Create a website that has a purpose.  

The website needs to serve a function which means it 

is useful or informative. This is an open ended assignment 

with no major design requirements as we will all be 

approaching this from a different angle.   

Step 3: Create content for your site.  Example: If you are making a tour of Oregon City Restaurants, find menus and pictures of the restaurants.  

Example 2: If you are reviewing video games, actually write reviews of video games you've played.

Safety:  Do not put any contact

information such as a last name,

home address, phone # or personal 

social media links on your website. 


Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability in 2-3 sentences each and send them to me on a Google Doc.  

1.  Copy and paste the url browser link for your published website.  example http//

2.  What is the function/purpose of your website? 

3.  When it comes to website design, describe why having a function or a purpose behind the website is so important. 

4.  In your own opinion, why is it so important to have rich website content?

5.  If you had unlimited time or could add anything to your website to make it better, what would you do?  

Photoshop Elements:  Creating and Editing Digital Media

Photoshop Elements is the program you'll be using.  We have several different version of this program because we purchased the computers at different times.  PLEASE DO NOT USE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6.  PLEASE ONLY USE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS AT THIS TIME.  

Day 1: 

-Import / Export

-Quick / Guided / Expert

-Saving PSD / JPEG


-Google Drive Photoshop Portfolio

Day 2:   

-Selection Tool

-Painting with Digital Brush  

A simple trick of adding characters from a movie to a historical photo from WWII.  This shot was accomplished by using the capture wand and the brush to create shadows around the feet of the two characters.  In addition, additional editing was done to the B/W settings of the picture to blend the lighting together from one to the other.  

This was a great picture of my sisters dog from many years ago.  This is a simple trick of highlighting colors of certain objects and making others black and white.  You can use the selection tool to capture an object and then change it's saturation/hue for this effect.  

I've always wanted to visit Tatooine but it's in a Galaxy far far away.  If you are clever enough to pick out a background you'd like to put yourself into, you can pose yourself when you take your picture ahead of time for the edit.  This effect is very easily done with the capture wand tool.  It's as simple as copying and pasting once you've outlined your person or object.  

This is similar to the one's mentioned above.  See if you can figure out who doesn't belong.  Sometimes when you combine figures from older photo's with newer photography, they won't match due to the major differences in resolution and abilities of newer technology.  You can alter the newer photo to look like an older photo with many tools such effects such as noise and blur to try and get the images to match in quality for a better blend.    

The Star destroyers above are blended into the clouds by changing their opacity.  When you try to place a new character into a scene it usually helps to bury their feet or legs behind an object.  The stormtrooper's legs were removed by selecting his layer, turning down his opacity until I could see the rocks where his shin is located, and then I used the eraser tool to make a fine cut right below the knee.  I then turn his opacity back up to full.  

Animorphs or combining any combination of animals to animals or humans to animals is a fun way to practice blending colors, capturing parts of creatures, and working on shading in order to get a believable effect.  

Personal Finance: Located on Google Classroom

Planned Obsolescence: Engineering a product to fail.   

Day 1 Questions:

1.  What was the reason given for lightbulbs being the first product designed to fail?

2.  Why does Planned Obsolescence promote jobs and a strong economy?

3.  Think about purchases you or your family has made in the past.  Describe any product that has broken or is no longer functioning in as much detail as possible.  

Day 2 Questions:

4. How did the Communist or Socialist approach to product design and engineering differ from the United States?

5.  Why is Apple under attack for being apart of Planned Obsolescence?

6.  How is the "Third World" or countries that are under-developed hurting by our policies of Planned Obsolescence?  

WeVideo Tutorial