Mr. Rogers Tech Class

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Websites for Article Research:

Technology Article Write-Up

Objective:    Use the provided websites listed below to identify an article on any technology topic of your choosing.  Read the article and copy the URL link into your write-up, example:



Write-Up:  answer the following questions in a Google Doc Titled "Tech Write-Up" and send to my e-mail account, [email protected]

Your Write-Up should cover the following questions and be 1-2 paragraphs long.

1.  What is the title of the article and who was it written by?

2.  What is the main technology or topic that is being discussed?

3.  How will this technology impact human lives?  In other word, how will this technology change the way humans live their lives? 

4.  Is there any potential danger from this technology that you know of?

5.  What was the most interesting part of this article for you personally? 

Extension Activity:  If you finish early, please use the additional time to research this technology further doing a general search on Google for other articles related to your topic.  If you find additional information, take the time to update your answers for questions 3-5.

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